What Do You Get With MLO Shift?

ActiveCampaign ($125/mo Value)

MLO Shift is built on ActiveCampaign, a world-class CRM and marketing automation system trusted by over 50,000 businesses. Account includes 2,500 contacts & 25 users. 

Zapier ($50/mo Value)

Zapier Business is included with your MLO Shift membership, which allows you to easily integrate and automate with 1,000+ apps and systems from around the web.

Convertri ($59/mo Value)

Convertri is included! Get 175+ landing page templates that are fast, easy to edit and mobile-friendly, so you can start running campaigns quickly and convert more leads.

Marketing Automation

Automatically drop all of your leads into one system and instantly follow up with email, text and Slybroadcast voicemails, so you can focus your time on running your business. 

Referral Tracking & Conversion

Automatically track and follow-up with your referrals, so you never lose track of another lead, only to find out they ended up working with the competition. 

Loan Process Pipeline

Run a flawless loan process with our click 'n drag loan pipeline with milestone notifications, automated task reminders and more. You'll stay on top of your loans like never before.

Membership Library ($100/mo Value)

You'll get our complete library of easy-to-follow, step-by-step courses with video tutorials that help you get started quickly and get the most out of your investment.

Private Facebook Group

One of the most valuable parts of MLO Shift is our community! Get access to our private FB group where you can interact with successful, like-minded MLO's from around the country.

Future Automations & Ideas

MLO Shift is like having a part-time tech person on staff. Founder Jeff Irving is always looking for ways to help improve your system and grow your business to new heights. 

More Features...

MLO Shift

ActiveCampaign w/ 2,500 Contacts ($125/mo value)

Zapier Pro Account
($50/mo value)

Convertri Landing Page Software ($59/mo value)

MLO Shift Course Library ($100/mo value)

Done-for-You Setup
($5,250 Value)

Limited-Time Bonuses 
($1,619 Value)

Private Facebook Group

Bonus Automations

Ongoing Training

Future Campaigns

Exclusive Future Discounts

Mobile App

25 Users


Email Autoresponder

Unlimited Sending

Send Newsletters

Built-in 1-Way Texting

2-Way Texting Integration w/ BurnerApp or RingCentral

Slybroadcast VM Integration

Free Email Templates

Drag & Drop Email Designer

Conditional Content

Contact & Lead Scoring

Email Open Tracking

Link-Click Tracking

Subscription Forms


Subscribe by SMS

Website & Event Tracking

Leads & Loans Management

Drag & Drop Pipelines

Built-in CRM

Lead Tracking

Lead Nurturing

Loan Milestone Updates

Customized Sales Flow

Complete Activity History

Task Automation

Task Manager

Process Automation

Email Integration

Gmail Extension

Chrome Extension

Sales Automation

Custom User Permissions

Sales & User Reporting

Social Data

Pre-Built &
Installed For You

12 Loan Automations

11 Lead Automations

200+ Lead & Loan Tasks

3 Pipelines (2 Lead & 1 Loan)

24 Lead & Loan Stages

12-Week Long-Term Lead Email Campaign

5 Cold Lead Engine Automations

60+ Custom Fields

Pre-Written Milestone Updates

Credit Authorization Automation

Birthday Wishes Text Automation

Bonus Automations

What Are MLO Shift Members Are Saying?

"It's a no-brainer for anybody looking to automate their business."

I wanted to maximize my own capacity, by working on deals versus chasing new leads. That's what it's done and the results speak for themselves.

- Ryan Wheeler, Mortgage Broker/Owner at United Residential Mortgage



"It's created business for me that otherwise would have fallen through the cracks."

It helps keep you on track and retain more of the business that otherwise you wouldn't have gotten because they would have fallen by the wayside.

If you've never used a CRM or you're looking for a new one, you found it.

- Glenn Groves, Mortgage Broker/Owner at GTG Financial


"What it's really done is boosted my business."

If you're on the fence about signing up for MLO Shift, just think of this way. If you don't have a CRM or a good automation system, you're losing money. I can promise you that.

- Keith Goeringer, Branch Manager at Fairway Mortgage



"Using it even 50% will make an incredible, incredible dent in your business."

What's great about it is that even when I do get derailed and sidetracked, it allows me to pick up where I left off. Before in the CRMs that I had, they didn't really allow me to do that.

- Ted Canto, Sales Manager/Loan Officer at Fairway Mortgage

"We are so pumped with MLO Shift. In the last month we've gotten dozens of new applications, all entered into the system, all getting automations... all moving along. Impossible on our previous system. We dropped 4 staff members too. Amazing!"
George Lambie

Technology Officer at The Amy Bonis Mortgage Team

"Great product and great follow-up sequences as the creator is always looking to improve the product and create greater long-term value!"
Jason Malmstrom

Branch Manager at Hancock Mortgage


Will you continue with business as usual and keep getting the same results?
Or, will you join MLO Shift and take your business to the next level?

Frequently Asked Questions

MLO Shift is a month-to-month service.

We know they exist, but we're not sure why any CRM or marketing automation service would lock you into a contract.

If a system delivers, won't clients be happy to continue using it without a contract?

This has been our experience :)

MLO Shift does not have a trial.


Each new ActiveCampaign account we create takes 5-6 hours to build-out and customize for each new member.

We understand choosing a CRM and marketing automation system is a big deal.

If you still have questions after reviewing this page, we invite you to email [email protected] and we will gladly answer them. 

Currently we have over 60 video lessons that cover everything from getting started with your system, to bonus automations, integrations and more. 

This number is continually growing as new video tutorials and automations are created and released.

  • 25 users to ActiveCampaign (AC)
  • 1 user account to Zapier
  • 1 user account to the MLO Shift membership website
  • 1 user account to Convertri

Yes, there is a fantastic iOS app called, "Deals CRM".

An app for Android devices is on the way, although we don't have a firm release date at this time. 

MLO Shift does not integrate with any LOS systems.

We have decided not to create LOS integrations at this time for the reasons outlined below.

The first reason is because integration with LOS systems offers minimal benefit.

We find that most MLO's ask about LOS integration for two main reasons.

1. They're looking to reduce duplicate data entry
2. They want to automatically trigger milestone updates

Although the data entry would be nice, our members find that there's minimal data entry needed to run their system and automations.

Most members choose to store only the key details of each transaction in their CRM.

Transaction details that are not important for a CRM or automation are already stored in their LOS and can be easily accessed when needed.

On a side note, Floify users can sync to MLO Shift to automatically send contact information to their CRM.

As for automatically triggering milestone updates from your LOS, in our experience this is more detrimental than helpful.

Here's why...

Let's say one of your loans gets initial approval on a Friday at 4pm... and you're packing up the car for a weekend of camping with the family, or some other adventure.

Do you really want a series of automated updates going out that will likely result in reply phone calls and emails right before you leave the office?

Wouldn't you rather trigger those notifications yourself when you get back into the office on Monday morning?

This is just one example.

Maintaining control of when your milestone updates go out is the better option in our experience.

Yes, you absolutely can!

You've got 2 options for how to run your texting... one we highly recommend over the other.

Option #1 (recommended)

Most of our members use an app called, "Burner App", which is available on iOS and Android. 

Burner costs just $4.99 for unlimited calls and texts, provides you with a local phone number... and it sits on your phone.

When a lead or client texts you back you'll see their text and the message they replied to, so that you can easily pick up the conversation in context. 

Integration with Burner is included in your setup.

If you use RingCentral, we'll be happy to set this integration up for you as well.  

Option #2

ActiveCampaign software has built-in texting. However, we do not recommend it.

The reason we don't recommend the built-in texting is because 1-way, uses a non-local number and they charge per/text message.

There's very little to like about this, which is why we created the integration in Option #1 above that works fantastically!

Yes, you can edit anything you want. Your initial setup gets you a completed system, but it's not locked down.

You are free to make changes, enhancements, etc as you wish.

Yes, we integrate with Slybroadcast, which is a fantastic system itself. 

We usually recommend purchasing 1k prepaid Slybroadcast voicemail credits for $60. This will last you a long time. 

Importing contacts into MLO Shift is extremely easy. 

You simply export your contacts from your previous system into a CSV file, and then import them into your new system. 

The import process allows you to quickly match all of your fields from your previous system to your new fields.

If there's a field in your old system that we haven't build into ours, you can easily create a new custom field during the import process.

It's primarily both!

MLO Shift is built on ActiveCampaign, a leading CRM and marketing automation system with over 50,000 users.

ActiveCampaign was originally built as a marketing automation system and it is easily one of the best on the market... if not the best. 

A few years back they realized that their system would be greatly enhanced by adding CRM functionality. 

At first, it was little weak. Fortunately, ActiveCampaign is incredible at listening to the voice of their users and in 2016 they made huge improvements to their CRM... which is now a power horse of its own!

The beauty of MLO Shift is that you get your CRM and an insanely powerful marketing automation system all wrapped into one.

MLO Shift is a more complete system with both a CRM and marketing automation. Our system can do what Agent Legend does plus a whole lot more. 

The feedback we've received from current members who have joined MLO Shift after using Jungo, is that MLO Shift is more turn-key. 

They've told us that Jungo requires quite a bit of customization and building out of the system.

They've also said that the process is time-consuming and there can be a big learning curve, depending on your level of expertise.

MLO Shift is the result of an actual build-out of ActiveCampaign by a former mortgage professional for his own mortgage business.

MLO Shift is the giant shortcut ex-Jungo members tell us they wish they'd had while there. 

Also, we don't require a contract. 


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