Welcome to the MLO Shift Resources page. I highly recommend the resources on this page for building and optimizing your mortgage business.

PLEASE NOTE: I currently use, or have used in the past, each of the services listed on this page. I do not receive a referral or affiliate fee from any of these companies. Each of these services are recommended because I appreciate what they've done for my business... and what they can do for yours.

MLO Shift integrates with each of these services (most require Zapier, a no-brainer app).

Whether you hang your mortgage license with a large company or you have your own mortgage shop, you are a business owner and running a mortgage business is no joke.

You've got client relationships to maintain, referral partners relationships to form and nurture, marketing, sales, business processes, systems, customer satisfaction, staff meetings and on and on. You need help.

Unfortunately, getting help with your mortgage business is a chore. Hiring, training and managing just one employee is expensive and time-consuming... and that's if you get it right. Hire the wrong person and you're back at square one.

That's why I absolutely love EP Mortgage Services.

Keith Goeringer, the co-founder of EP, is a mortgage veteran who has trained his virtual assistants on over 150 mortgage-specific tasks (and counting).

Need help with something that's not on their list? Just ask.

EP's virtual assistance is super-affordable and very good. They can help with your marketing, lead gen, CRM and database management, loan process tasks and much more.

Give EP a try and free yourself from the low-dollar activities that are keeping you from reaching the next level of success. I can't recommend them enough.

Floify is my #1 go-to solution for collecting and managing client documentation (and much more). This service reduces my workload, shortens my closing timelines, makes the process easier for my clients and helps me to provide a better experience for both my clients and my real estate partners.

When asked what technologies I couldn't live without, my answer is always the same... MLO Shift (naturally), Floify and Zapier. So, you won't be surprised to learn that a Floify integration was a must for MLO Shift.

How does the integration work? New contacts entered into Floify are instantly synced with MLO Shift, reducing duplicate data entry. You can use this integration to fire automations, create tasks, send messages and more.

The combination of MLO Shift and Floify makes for a killer 1-2 mortgage technology punch that LO's are loving. is like the swiss army knife of web apps. It helps you connect your different web apps/services so you can automate all kinds of amazing things. 

We use to expand the MLO Shift system by integrating with 3rd party services such as, another recommended service. Expand your MLO Shift system with a Zapier account and you'll be able to connect to over 750+ apps from around the web.

Andrew Pawlak and his crew at are some of the smartest mortgage marketers I know. When it comes to transforming your website into a lead collection machine, nobody does it better.

Their genius web forms make it super-easy for leads to provide more information up-front than any other lead capture strategy I've come across. What does this mean for you? Better qualified and higher-converting leads!

This service does exactly what the name says - they provide Handwrytten greeting cards... by a robot holding a pen. Wait, what?! Check out this video...

What if you could automatically send your clients a congratulations card with an Amazon gift certificate when they negotiate to buy their dream home? Well you can!

Do you think that might leave a good impression? Could this get you more referrals? You bet it can!

If you're not already an MLO Shift client, ask yourself this question: Could MLO Shift, especially when combined with one or more of these amazing tools, get you 2-3 more deals this year?

It's rhetorical question... the value should be obvious by now. In most markets, just 1 additional closed loan will pay for your MLO Shift subscription for over a year.

Ready to roll? Go to to sign up now.


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